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Your smile makes up one third of your facial profile. Have you considered how cosmetic dentistry could benefit you? Here are real people, real results of patients that has undergone cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Whether teeth are discolored, misshapen, damaged or misaligned, our cosmetic dentists works with you for your personalized smile to your character. Dental procedures not only resolves issue areas but can enhance smiles. With advanced technologies, our cosmetic dental clinic in Thailand looks after your smile makeover journey in precision details following quality-based standards.

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Why is BIDH is a top destination for comprehensive smile design in safety and care?

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Veneers before and after Photos

Dental veneers are one of the most commonly done cosmetic dentistry procedures for Hollywood smiles or celebrities smiles. Using a thin porcelain laminate wafer, these ultra-thin shells are placed over front teeth surface for the color shades and shape of teeth.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) by Dr Somkiat Aimplee DDS., MSc.,

Your DSD smile expert designs your smile to your individual personality. Your  dental makeover will reflect differences in artistry.

Hollywood smiles for the perfect look 

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Natural-look Aesthetics

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Crown and Bridge Gallery

Many individuals travel to our cosmetic dental center in Bangkok for full mouth rehabilitation with teeth crowns and dental bridges in restoring worn down or damaged teeth. With today’s advancement in material specification, all ceramic crowns provide a strong outer layer cap over your whole tooth. It can replace missing gaps with bridges, change positioning of teeth positions, strengthen and protect weaked tooth and restore function and aesthetics to your teeth.

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Orthodontic Treatments Cases

Within cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics may be used to balance symmetry jaw and face from a skeletal and occlusion view point. Consult with our bangkok braces dentists to more a clear idea on what can be done for your specific case to resolve any malocclusions functional issues and achieve a straight and aesthetic natural-looking smile.

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