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digital smile design (DSD)

Millennial is the start of era where cosmetic dentistry has evolved so much not only for achieving great smile but achieving the most chic and outstanding smile you can ever have. The dental smile design (DSD) process uplifts the efficiency of cosmetic dental treatments with visual perceptions using photography to videography.

Cosmetic dental treatments that uses DSD concepts include:

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What is digital smile design (DSD)?

At BIDH cosmetic dental clinic, your digital smile design DSD cosmetic dentist uses digital tools including as computer aided software, photos and videos to plan and configure your veneers and crowns. DSD experts are trained to take your individual facial profile looking at your teeth size, lips, facial balance and symmetry to digitally personalized your smile.  

Dental smile design is a customized digital way of conceptualizing a “perfect smile” and understanding your facial and dental proportions using technologies. Opt for one of the most updated aesthetic treatment procedure and experience the modernized concepts in providing your ideal smile in which you can see your post treatment future results. This gives you more confidence in making decisions if the end result is what you require as well as choosing your attending dental specialist,

Journey with us on our Digital Smile Design Treatment Process


When would you choose Digital Smile Design (DSD) over conventional cosmetic dentistry?

Anyone considering a smile makeover may like to consider digital smile design.  Basically, your DSD dental expert will have had an extensive training and earned their certificate with respective international institute/university and vast professional experience in handling Digital Smile Design. BIDH cosmetic dental clinic is one of the few dental centers with a resident DSD master expert who has garnered his reputable name and title through his work of art in aesthetic dentistry and full mouth restoration/rehabilitation.

What are the difference that Digital Smile Design provides?

#1 – benefit 1

Because digital smile design uses imaging and advanced software solution during treatment planning, you are able to view and visualize the expected after veneer or crowns treatment results.

#2 – benefit 2

Knowing what you as the patient expects from smile design wax up and computer based digital imaging gives better predictable and an accurate outcome. You and your cosmetic dentist are both able to make informed decisions and adjustments for for improved communication to cater to your unique needs.

#3 benefit 3

There are photos and videos to track your progress at each stage of your treatment. You are able to see your before and after photos. There is an added analyses that you and your dentist makes throughout your treatment process.

DSD Cosmetic Dental Treatments

3 common types of cosmetic dental treatments opted with digital smile design are :

  1. Porcelain veeners
  2. Ceramic crowns and bridge
  3. Dental implants with crowns or bridges

Porcelain veneer

Veneers are thin laminates for smile makeover to change front teeth size, shape and shades.

Ceramic crowns / bridges

Crowns cap over existing teeth to protect and repair damaged teeth. Bridges replace missing teeth.

Crowns/bridge over dental implants

Crowns and bridges over implants replace missing gaps in both posterior and anterior areas. 


How does the digital smile design process works?

  1. During your first visit consultation with the specialist, an actual and clinical examination along with digital documentation through videos, photography, x-rays, and an intra-oral 3D scan imagery. Your DSD expert discusses your needs and creates a personalized treatment plan for you. 
  2. At your next visit, your cosmetic specialist reviews the DSD before and after images, computer simulations with you to finalize your treatment plan. An actual impression may be taken for study modelling of teeth. 
  3. Your can then view your actual mock up of the final smile makeover outcome of your dental work. This will help you and doctor to choose the right color, shape and style prior to the start of your actual cosmetic makeover procedures.
  4. On confirmation of plan, tooth preparation to reshape of your teeth is done. Temporary composite veneers are placed after re-shaping for a nice smile whilst waiting for the actual dental work. Most individuals will see the difference after receiving tooth re-shaping with their temporaries.
  5. After fabrication of your porcelain veneers by your skilled lab technician with your cosmetic expert, the final fitting of your porcelain veneers takes place. During this end of this visit, you will have your received new smile.
  6. A re-check and adjustment visit is normally recommended to ensure you are feeling comfortable and confident with your new smile makeover. 

How much does digital smile design costs?

The digital smile design concept does not have a dramatic cost difference to conventional veneers treatment costs. Each portion of your cosmetic dental treatment for porcelain veneers, crowns or prosthese over implants follows the same standardized treament fees as traditional methods. Its only additional charge is for a customized DSD guide.

The DSD guide provides added benefits of a computerized mockup on your post treatment results to give you a clear picture that the results is what you want and expect. With DSD, you open your connections in having a DSD master expert and digitalized lab technician specialists involved to artistically construct your veneers, crowns or bridges treatment. With a digitalized DSD workflow, your cosmetic treatment is done with computerized precision by CAD/CAM.

Digital Smile Design Cases

Take a look at some of our DSD case done at BIDH Dental Hospital’s cosmetic dental clinic.

teeth laminates

Smile Feminization 

bangkok dental veneer

Actor and Model

beauty queen

International Beauty Queen and Model


At BIDH cosmetic dental clinic, digital smile design caters to each individual’s unique concerns and needs during digital technologies that include photography, videography, intraoral scans, digital x-rays and CAD/CAM milling. 

DSD provide for several benefits. You have a clearer visualization and a better communications tool with your cosmetic dentist on your smile design and emotional requirements. With a digital dentistry for your veneers, crowns or bridges, treatment is more precise following your expectation and requirements. 

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