BIDH Bangkok Dental Hospital Differentiation Strenghts

BIDH bangkok dental hospital and its group of dental clinic network has a team of over 100 dentists. Its cosmetic dentist team is one of the best within Thailand. Many of who are American board certified, lecturers on cosmetic dentisty and international speakers on restorative dentistry and prosthodontics.

Our team cosmetic dentists have completed thousands of successful veneer, crowns, implant cases including very complex smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation cases.

BIDH cosmetic dentists are well reputated for celebrity smile designs. Whether it is a natural subtle enhancement or having perfect hollywood smile, our cosmetic dental experts tailors to each unique individual’s personality and requirements.

Our cosmetic dental treatment fees are affordable for the quality of work you obtain and the high qualfications of cosmetic specialists working on your smile makeover.

Our cosmetic dentistry center offer packages with multiple cosmetic dental treatments. There is no-deposit and we can provide interest-free payment plans with certain credit cards in Thailand.

We differ from other dental hospital and dental clinics as your all ceramic teeth restorations such as crowns, veneers and bridges are fabricated on-site at our hospital. Your cosmetic dentistry treatments labwork can therefore be made and adjusted quickly by full-time skilled lab technicians committed to aesthetics.

We select skilled and talented technicians and ceramists. Our dental group works only with best dental laboratories within Thailand.

BIDH bangkok dental center is consolidates dental services under one hospital. Under Thailand’s award-winning largest dental clinic network group, BIDH provides provides the complete range of holistic dental care services specializing and focusing only on dentistry at the heart of its operations. We are thus specialists in this sector.

International standards based on hospital processes are followed at BIDH bangkok dental hospital following quality, medication, patient safety, infection prevention and control goals and indicators.

We only use the premium and selected materials and products that are approved, certified or has proven clinical studies.

Our Thailand cosmetic dental center do not compromise on professionalism and quality materials with safetly and sterilization at our core focus. Take a tour of our facilities, you can see that we use the advanced digital technologies and latest techniques, imported by Thailand’s top trusted dental supplies group, for holistic and providing long term results.

BIDH is one of the handful dental hospital and dental center in Thailand equiped with the state-of-the-art hospital base operating room meant specifically for dentistry. Our oral surgery clinic enables patients to stay overnight and opt for sedation options for thoses requiring complex or pain-free dentistry.

Dental Aesthetic Provider Winner in Asia Pacific Region

BIDH cosmetic dentistry center is a leading dental aesthetic provider in the region. With awards and a top team of cosmetic dental experts, smile makeover treatments are uniquely created with artistry, skills and precision.

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