Zoom teeth whitening

There are many in-office teeth whitening brands in thailan and on the market. One of the most successful and popular dentist tooth whitening is Philips Zoom! teeth whitening. Zoom whitening is a light-accelerated treatment that can possibly whitens up to 8 shades in a single visit1.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

Whitespeed by zoom teeth whitening has been clinically proven to improve the color shades of individuals safely and effectively. Its patented whitening gel and light-accelerated technology speeds up the whitening process. Therefore you are able to see dramatic and instant results after just 45 minutes.

1. Source from in vivo study on comparison of the tooth shade reduction and color change effects of 6% hydrogen peroxide with and without Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed led acceleration by University of Texas Health Science Center School of Dentistry; Houston, TX, USA

How does zoom teeth whitening work?

phillips zoom whitening

1. Evaluation for zoom teeth whitening 

Before your zoom in-office tooth whitening is started, your dentist checks your teeth to check if you are suited for zoom teeth whitening. Your dentist explains the teeth whitening procedure, its alternatives, costs, considerations of risks and treatment expectation. If you do have any questions, please do feel free to raise up any concerns that is specifically just for you? For example, you may have existing dental fillings, a tendency for sensitivity teeth or have not had a teeth clean for a long time, etc.

2. Tooth color shade comparsion before treatment

Your dentist checks on your existing color shade before starting zoom teeth whitening on record. If you have not had a professiona teeth cleaning and scaling, you are able to opt for teeth cleaning during this stage. The cost of teeth cleaning and scaling is a separate costs to the zoom whitening procedure, BIDH dental hospital normally offers in-office whitening and teeth cleaning packages that you can check with our customer service staff.

3. Damming of gumlines

The active whitening gel can cause sensitivity to soft tissues or gums. Therefore, before the start of zoom teeth whitening, your dentists places a protective dam barrier along your gumline margin to prevent the whitening gel from seeping through. A retractor is used to hold keep your mouth, lips, cheeks open. Your dentist then begins to dam the gumlines.

4. Application of whitening gel and light

Your teeth ar lighten the color using a combination of a hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed visible LED light lamp. The lamp maximizes the whitening results in the shortest possible time. The whitening gel is applied over the front surface of teeth. Eye shields and exposed area are covered. The LED light from the Zoom lamp is activated for a 15 minute session. The cycle is repeated about 3 times.

If at anytime of your zoom whitening treatment do you feel discomfort, please raise your hand or signal to your dentist. 

5. Tooth color shade comparion after treatment

After the zoom teeth whitening treatment is completed, the gum barrier is removed and your teeth are cleaned. the retractor, all gel and tissue coverings is removed from my mouth. Your dentist then does an assessed of you post whitening treatment results.

1. How does Zoom! Whitespeed differ to other in-office teeth whitening?

Zoom! teeth whitening is one out of many in-office whitening method. The reason why you hear so much about zoom whitening is because it has been on the market for a long time. Its  Zoom! WhiteSpeed™ range was launched in 2013. 

The technology used to belong to Discus Company that was later taken over by Phillips health. Zoom! teeth whitening was made popular by american television ABC’s Extreme Makeover.

2. How long does Zoom! Whitespeed tooth whitening take?

When an appointment is made at BIDH cosmetic dental clinic for zoom teeth whitening, a one hour timeslot is normally arranged for you. This is so that you have sufficient time to ask your dentist on any questions. 

If you decide to also have a professional teeth clean done during the same visit, a one and a half hour timeslot is assigned to you.

The actual zoom teeth whitening procedure however actually takes less than an hour taking around 45 minutes of bleaching.

3. What will I experience during the Zoom! Whitespeed tooth whitening procedure?

During the actual tooth whitening treatment procedure, you can listen to music and relax. You may feel some heat. Those with porcelain-fused-to-metal alloy crowns, amalgams fillings, lingual bars or dental implants may feel some excessive heat.

If you feel anxious or experience any pain  or discomfort during treatment, please raise and signal to our staff.

During the light activation cycle, your mouth is kept open continuously by a plastic retractor which covers the lips. This may cause some dryness or chapping of your lips or cheek margins. You can have this treated by applying lip balm, petroleum jelly or some vitamin E oil.

4. How long do the zoom teeth whitening results last?

This varies with individual  following some simple post whitening care instructions. Results normal last for as long as proper care is taken avoiding color staining foods and drinks and brushing as instructed by our dentist. Your teeth will be lighter than they were before. Teeth bleaching results may regress due to a variety of circumstances.

To maintain your white teeth looking white, some individuals opt for take-home kit to touch-up. Take home kits such as opalescence and Zoom! DayWhite NiteWhite are formula products available only through dental offices.

5. How white will be teeth go?

In general, teeth whitening will whiten to your best natural teeth shade can go. Your dentist will not be able to say forsay how white your teeth will whitening. Studies has shown that individuals with dark stained yellow or yellow-brown teeth frequently achieve better results than people with gray or bluish-gray teeth.

Zoom whitening treatments will not lighten artificial teeth including crowns, veneers or dental fillings made from porcelain or composites. These restorations may need to be replaced with a separate costs to change and match your newly whitened teeth should this be a concern. For such reasons, if you are undergoing a smile makeover your cosmetic dentist may draw up a treatment plan and proper sequence on cosmetic dental procedures to under-take in order to obtain the best possible long-term maintenance and result for your smile.

Teeth with multiple colorations, bands, splotches or spots due to tetracycline use or fluorosis do not whiten well and may be uneven. For intrinsic stains such as these, porcelain veneers or crowns in combination with teeth whitening may be treatment options recommended. Please consult and check with your cosmetic dentist for your specific case. 

Individuals who has previous orthodontic treatments and if there are still any resin remaining from treatment, it can cause uneven whitening. Hence, you will need to sure residual resin has been properly removed from the teeth and you may need to highlight this to your cosmetic dentist.

Cavities in teeth may not lighten, decay should be treated separately with dental fillings. 

6. Are there any side effects?

You may feel some sensitivity or pain during and after the treatment for some patients that may occur during the first 24 hours after zoom treatment. This is normal and is usually mild. Individuals that may be more susceptible to sensitivity 

  • You have existing sensitivity.
  • Teeth and gum are recessed or have exposed root surfaces.
  • There is exposed dentin from untreated caries, open cavities or leaking fillings.
  • You have cracked teeth or abfractions.
  • There is oral tissue injury or other dental conditions

The above conditions may cause higher penetration of the gel into the tooth causing increased or prolong tooth sensitivity after Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

The sensitivity will gradually dissipate. Your dentist can apply fluroide to reduce sensitivity and provide you with post care instructions. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment, your teeth remains as its natural structure.  For zoom whitening, your dentist can apply a relief ACP gel to reduce sensitivity.

7. What causes tooth discoloration?

The most common cause of tooth discoloration is aging and the consumption of color-staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, colas, red wine, etc. or smoking. These are known as extrinsic staining caused by the environment that teeth whitening can easily resolve. 

For other causes such as consumption of some medications, certain antibiotics during tooth formation or excessive fluoride, these are instrinsic stains. Such stains are internal and may not be gotten rid of by teeth whitening. They may require a combination of treatments.

Get a consult with our cosmetic dentists on what types of stains or recommendation is required for your specific case.

8. Who may benefit from tooth whitening?

Almost anyone. It is however recommended mainly for adults. Your dentist is the best person to determine if you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening who will do prior checks and considerations before making a recommendation or treatment plan.

For mothers, although there is no clinical detrimental effect, as a guarded precaution, if you are preganant or breast-feeding, we would recommend to have teeth whitening done only after your be given birth or stopped breast-feeding.

If you have health issues with medical conditions, have certain allergies or are light-sensitive, please do kindly highlight this to our dentists.

9. Is in-office tooth whitening safe?

Extensive research and clinical studies has shown hat having in-office teeth whitening under the supervision of your dentist is safe. Because your dentist is a licensed practioner trained to detect and treat teeth conditions, your teeth is checked prior to the start of treatment.

On the same hand, do be wary of over-the-counter or online teeth whitening products or take-home bleaching kits that sometimes may not have certifications or safety approvals.

Zoom teeth whitening before and after photos

before after zoom
case gallery zoom whitening

Source images from Zoom Teeth Whitening reference


Zoom teeth whitening is a popular in-office teeth whitening treatment in thailand and around the world. It has a reliable history and clinical studies backing up its safety and effectiveness.

Prior to having any teeth whitening treatments – take-home bleaching, in-office whitening or over-the-counter whitening, you are advised to check on the suitability of your case for teeth whitening to ensure safety and that it is the proper course of treatment to achieve your expected result. 

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