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having treated more than 1000 cases of dental makeover cases, our team of cosmetic dentists at BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL DENTAL HOSPITAL are amongst the leading in Thailand.

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Some  hand-written reviews taken from service evaluation forms after dental treatments at BIDH dental hospital.

A beautiful smile

Your smile makes up one third of your facial profile. To each individual, a beautiful smile differs from one to another. Just Ask our bangkok cosmetic dentistry experts.

There are several factors your skilled cosmetic dentists looks at when determining your unique smile:

  1. Symmetry and balance
  2. Teeth alignment that teeth are straight, not overly spaced apart or overlapping
  3. Teeth proportion
  4. Whiteness shades of your teeth
  5. Spaces between the tips of your teeth
  6. How wide your smile is
  7. Gum line visibility and having a healthy condition
  8. Your teeth shape and fullness of lips to teeth

Learn more about Digital Smile Design by DSD master expert.